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Lead in Water Report

June 1, 2017
Dear Maria L. Varisco-Rogers School Community:
The New Jersey Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency require school districts in New Jersey to test district water levels for lead.  As part of this requirement, MLVRCS in conjuction with our landloard The Newark Archdiocese tested 102 water outlets throughout all the school buildings during school breaks.  Water outlets included faucets, fountains and sprigots.
Results indicated that, of the 102 locations tested, eleven sink faucets contained over the state "action level" which is 15.5 parts per billion.  To provide a reference point a part per billion is comparable to a drop of water in a swimming pool.  Some of the location are rarely used.  All classroom issues are with bathroom faucets that are used for non-drinking.
We are working with our landlord to remedy the all unacceptable conditions.  We have placed "Do Not Drink Water" signs about the affected bathroom faucets in English and Spanish.  We are however, in compliance with regulations.
For your information, we have posted the full water testing report, as well as a copy of this letter, on our school website at www.mlvrcs.org.
Jose Segarra
School Business Administrator