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Mission and Vision Statement

School Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the educational achievement of all pupils based on the belief that all our children can learn.


  1. Our staff, parents, and the community in general will work together to make this belief a reality.
  2. Our instructional and support programs will be coordinated to ensure that all our pupils will reach their maximum level of proficiency in the basic areas of Language Arts/Literacy, Mathematics, World Languages, and Technology.


Nuestra misión es mejorar el rendimiento escolar de todos los alumnos basada en la creencia de que todos los niños pueden aprender.

      1. Nuestro personal, los padres y la comunidad en general trabajarán juntos para hacer de 
          esta creencia en una realidad.
      2. Nuestros programas de enseñanza y apoyo estarán coordinadas para asegurar que todos
          nuestros alumnos alcancen su máximo nivel de competencia en las áreas básicas de
         Lengua y literatura / Alfabetización, Matemáticas, Idiomas y Tecnología.


School Vision


The vision of MLVRCS is to maintain a campus-wide, integrated network that will enable students and teachers to not only work collaboratively but also provide quality services and programs for our students.  A collaborative approach to education enabled by technology will:


  • facilitate the administrative tasks of the school
  • enhance the quality and scope of the research, teaching and service provided by the faculty
  • enable students to effectively excel in the 21st Century. 


MLVRCS students will have the opportunity to become competent in the use of technology, for work, problem solving, and research, in essence they will achieve educational excellence. Students and staff will be provided with sufficient technological resources and training; new technology will be implemented based on a review of current curriculum, instruction, and the physical environment in order to bring about an advantageous atmosphere for learning; and a commitment to support and fund material resources and professional development for an ongoing process of technological and academic accomplishment will be maintained.