Taking Attendance Through Parent Portal

We thank you for your help in preparing our students for virtual learning. By this point all students have received virtual instructions by their teachers. Teachers will communicate with them via Class Dojo. You will receive daily instructions of the lessons and what is required to be submitted by the end of each day. For those students that are utilizing technology will be messaged by their teachers. Some teachers are providing resources/documents, available google hangouts, chat on google classroom, write an email, etc... for their learning and to support. 
All teachers can be reached from 8:30 AM- 2:30 PM.
We ask that you are also available to keep your child on track in order to successfully complete this marking period, with limited interruption in their education. Everyone is approaching homebound instruction differently; students will be working on packets prepared as review skills from prior learning, online assignments from zearn.comstudyisland.com, knahacademy, razkids.comixl.com, etc... or reading a book/passaged. 
The first request is daily you log into any device (even a cell phone) to mark your child present.
>>> Daily Attendance: website:www.fridayparentportal.com/mlvrcs
Note all students are defaulted has absent in the system from now until March 30th. The days are already accounted for as absent. Each day parents must mark each child receiving virtual  attendance, "present" which we prepared and planned for until March 30th.