• 14th Annual Clean Communities Award Dinner Ceremony

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    Maria L. Varisco Rogers Charter School


Welcome to Maria L. Varisco-Rogers Charter School

"Every Child, Every Moment, Every'Day!"

The Maria L. Varisco-Rogers Charter School staff and educational community are dedicated to the belief that all our students, if provided with a mixture of caring adults and competent educators, will academically advance and socially develop. The school's academic direction features an instructional plan based on the Common Core standards, a technology based instructional approach that prepares our students to become productive twenty first century digital citizens and a personalized instructional program that encourages the students to reach their full potential.

I am especially proud of the academic programs that have been enhanced by various educational technologies. In Newark, as well as in our daily lives, technology is transforming the way we learn and the way we work. Our school has an ongoing technology initiative as we provide classrooms with instructional technology for teacher and student use. Both of our school buildings are now fully wireless environments. The classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and response technology. Teachers are provided with training and support to help them learn how to harness the power of technology to engage students and improve instruction. Our intent is to keep our community of students, teachers and parents well informed, engaged and connected.

The Maria L. Varisco-Rogers Charter School values community service and service learning. We are especially proud of the way in which our students and faculty work together to help families and individuals who are in need. This year we have successfully launched a parental assistance initiative. Adult English classes are now being offered free to our parents so that they can develop an English fluency.

Every Child, Every Moment, Every Day" is the theme that resonates throughout our school. With a dedicated Board of Trustees, an administrative team that is progressive in their thinking, a staff that works closely with the students and an outstanding student body, our school is a wonderful educational institution. The Maria L. Varisco-Rogers Charter School believes that all children, when provided the opportunity, can learn and that academic, intellectual, emotional and social aptitude resides equally among races and nationalities.

Maria L. Varisco-Rogers Charter School continues to be a great place to learn!

Teresa Segarra Executive Director/Lead Person